Monday, August 6, 2012



Well why not...

       So, I figured at first that the beginning for that short story would be my last post for the say but... Nah! I don't like seeing how empty my blog looks so i guess i throw a little piece from the prologue of my book. sorry about overwhelming you with prologues but a stories got to start somewhere right?

Aconia stood hands leaning upon the railing, gazing off the stern of the vessel heading west as the first fires started in the city. It would burn tonight, she knew that. It was solely because of her actions that it would burn, but that didn’t bother her. The Order did not question jobs, they performed them. There she was as she left the nation of Carval to it’s fate. Yet another king dead at her hands, nobles squabbling over a throne she must have promised each a dozen times over, and two hundred thousand soldiers of the grand legion marching in secret toward the capitol. When they arrived whatever forces would have defended those high iron walls would be too busy trying to seize the palace, and just like that the Sayin Empire would claim it’s final victim in the east. Six separate nations had been absorbed into the Empire. She had facilitated this war, the whole Order had, it gave her no sense of pride, nor feeling of sorrow, a job was a job, and she obeyed. Apparently, Aurelius Taius was done with his conquest for now, but Aconia found herself with dangerous new orders. There were two targets, one a man, a more potentially fatal opponent than any she could imagine, and another of which she regrettably knew nothing. A lacking she meant to remedy quickly. Aurelius Taius had loaned The Order’s services to another, whom she did not know, but yet again it was of no consequence.

A Beginning

       A while back I began a series of stories and I decided to post it here. It is basically short little
increments of a story each time it is posted, and I assure you once i figure out how to use this blog. I will
most certainly make it easier to navigate, until then please forgive my shoddy layout!

The Story of Kale: Part 1
Prologue: Pain

It was a dark road, dangerous by the looks of it. The blue of the moonlight painted jagged shadows of the trees lingering above. The wind gave this gloomy portrait motion, jagged shadows becoming sweeping monstrous claws in this dim night sky. Kale tightened his grip upon the hilt of his silver sword. It was a dangerous road indeed for it was a treacherous night when Kale hunted the betrayer of kings, destroyer of the Chanchilon Council, and most heinous of all, killer of gods. What man could ever hope to defeat such a monstrosity? He thought to himself.

An introduction

       I guess i should start with a little about who I am. My name is Casey Goulet, but i suspect you have gathered that much from the title. I am a Mechanical Engineering student with a passion for Fantasy writing. I know it is an anomaly, an engineer who enjoys writing, but i really do.

        Currently I am working on my first novel and am in desperate need of a different creative outlet every once in a while. I find writing too much about one topic leaves me completely and utterly brain-dead. Which leads me to why I am here. To make an incredible ass of myself of course!

        No... That's not really the case. I'm blogging to post short stories and some excerpts of my novel for fun and to help develop as a writer. Whether or not that is making an ass of myself is entirely up to the reader.

      Well, that seems to be enough about me. Hope you all enjoy the stories!

Thanks for reading,